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Hanwha Vision Privacy Policy Ver 12.5

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Hanwha Vision Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Hanwha Vision" or “We”) values the privacy of its customers and enacts & operates the 'Privacy Policy' to comply with relevant laws such as ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection’ and ‘Personal Information Protection Act’. This policy may be changed according to the enactment or amendment of laws, changes in government policies, and the company's operating policies.

Hanwha Vision's Privacy Policy applies as follows:

Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Particulars and Collection Methods of Personal Information to be collected
Article 3. Purpose of the Collection & Use of Personal Information
Article 4. Use, Provision and Sharing of Personal Information
Article 5. Outsourcing Personal Information Processing to a Third Party
Article 6. The Period for Retaining & Using and Destruction of Personal Information
Article 7. The Rights and Obligations of Users and Legal Representatives, and How to Exercise such Rights
Article 8. Privacy Officers
Article 9. Measures necessary to Ensure Safety for Personal Information Protection
Article 10. Personal Information Transferred Overseas
Article 11. Installation and Operation of an Automatic Collection Tool for Personal Information
Article 12. Notification on Privacy Policy Changes

Article 1: General Provisions

"Personal information" means information relating to a living individual, that identifies a particular individual by his or her full name, resident registration number, etc. (including information which, even if it by itself does not identify a particular individual, may be easily combined with other information to identify a particular individual).
Hanwha Vision thinks highly of the protection of its customers' Personal Information and always complies with the personal information protection regulations of the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection" and "Personal Information Protection Act". Hanwha Vision, through the Privacy Policy, informs its customers of the purpose of using the Personal Information provided by them and what measures are being taken to protect such Personal Information.
Article 2: Particulars and Collection Methods of Personal Information to be collected

Hanwha Vision collects Personal Information from related websites as follows in order to provide various and convenient services to its customers and verify the customer identification.
Collected personal information item
Service Name Particulars of Personal Information to be collected
Required Information DDNS Service ID, password, name, email, country
CRM(SalesForce) Service ID, password, name, email, Country, Language, Currency, IP address
Wisenet SSM License Service Name, email, country, company name
Customer support Service email
STEP (Registration of Partner) Service ID, password, name, email, phone number
OPS (Open Procurement Service) Email, password, user name, phone number
SmartCam web viewer Name, ID, password, email, IP address
Sales team Inquiry Name, mobile phone number, email, password
Subscribe to our newsletter Email
Downloading of white paper Email, name
Mopl Application for user ID, password, name, address, phone number, Car plate number
Mopl Application/Web for Admin ID, password, name, phone number
LMS (Learning Management System) Name, email, country, company name, Language, STEP ID, Address, phone number, Job title, ID, Password
Open Innovation Apply registration Name, email, phone number, company name
Optional Information DDNS Service Name, phone number
CRM(SalesForce) Service phone number, affiliation (company/department name)
Customer support Service Name, phone number
STEP (Registration of Partner) Service Company name, position
OPS (Open Procurement Service) Position, department, fax number, phone number
Sales team Inquiry Partner type, region, solution of interest, attached files
Mopl Application for user
(PASS APP for Authenticating, Face Recognition)
Gender, birth date, Telecom carriers, user's front view photography

Hanwha Vision collects the above Personal Information in a way that its customers directly fill out online, provided, however, that the particulars to be collected in Paragraph 1 above may vary depending on the purpose and type of the services. For each individual service, Hanwha Vision has a procedure for its customers to choose "I agree" or "I do not agree" for all the items of the Consent to the Collection and Use of Personal Information or the Terms of Use. In such case, we consider our customers consent to the collection of Personal Information only if they select "I agree".
In addition to Paragraphs 1 and 2, the following particulars of Personal Information may be automatically created and collected in the process of using the services.
1. Service usage record, access IP address, access log, MAC address, operating system, language used, etc.
Article 3: Purpose of the Collection & Use of Personal Information

To provide satisfactory services, Hanwha Vision collects a minimal degree of required personal information for the purposes of answering questions and retaining responses, managing memberships, providing content and so on.
However, we do not collect sensitive personal information such as race, ethnicity, ideas, beliefs, place of birth, political affiliation, criminal records, health, etc. that may risk violating a customer’s basic rights.
Article 4: Use, Provision and Sharing of Personal Information

In any case, Hanwha Vision does not use or provide personal information to other companies beyond the scope notified in "Article 3: Purpose of the Collection and Use of Personal Information", except with the consent of its customers or pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations. However, personal Information is used and provided with caution in the following cases.
1. In the event of a complete succession or transfer of the rights and obligations of a service provider, such as a company takeover or acquisition, the justifiable reasons and procedures for such succession or transfer will be notified in detail in advance, and the customers will be given the right to consent to such transfer of Personal Information. 2. When providing or sharing the customers' Personal Information with other companies for any other reasons, we will notify customers of information on recipient or sharer, purpose of use, particulars of such Personal Information, the fact that the customers have the right to refuse consent and possible disadvantages due to refusal of consent, etc. in advance via e-mail or in writing, and then will seek their consent.
In the following cases, we can provide Personal Information without the customer's consent in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
1. In case of performing the contract for the provision of services2. In case of having grounds in the relevant laws and regulations3. In case of processing and providing information in a form that a specific individual cannot be identified, for statistical or scientific research purposes
Article 5: Outsourcing Personal Information Processing to a Third Party

Hanwha Vision outsources the Personal Information processing for effective information processing as follows:
▶ Outsourcee and Outsourced Work

Outsourcee and Outsourced Work
Type Outsourcee Outsourced Work
A/S call center AssisCom Provision of guidance on after sales service
Product A/S NaMoo Network, Damo Telecommunications Co., Ltd., Seokwang Engineering, Seonjin Information Systems, Secure Tech, See Eyes Co., Ltd., CMSTEC, Eyestech, Joa Electronic Co., Ltd., Sammi Systech Co., Ltd., Ace CC Tech Co., Ltd., Shilla Techwin Co., Ltd., Kinfo.Co., Ltd., Paran Telecommunications Co., Ltd., Power Technology Co., Ltd., Seohan Global Co., Ltd., Seoheung Co., Ltd., J Communication Co., Ltd., KCM Solutions Co., Ltd., Secu One Co., Ltd., Atec Co., Ltd. SAMJU Electronics Co., Ltd, TwowinscomCo., Ltd.(total 24 companies) Provision of after sales service for Video Surveillance equipment
Parking management, Smart Parking service
Website maintenance BALC Co., Ltd., Ipartners Co., Ltd. Hanwha Vision website maintenance
CRM system maintenance SM2Networks Co., Ltd., Samsung SDS Co., Ltd., 탈레스 MDG, ERP System, Wisenet SSML License maintenance
MOPL service maintenance HECTO DATA Co., Ltd., Korea Credit Bureau inc., Zendesk, Amplitude, Suprema Inc. Scraping, Authenticating identity, Customer inquiry, Data analysis, face recognition access
Event prize kt alpha Co., Ltd., ZLGOON. Sending event prize
Infrastructure operation such as server Hanwha Systems Co. Ltd., BESPIN GLOBAL Co., Ltd. Outsourcing operation works for related infrastructure including servers

When outsourcing Personal Information to a third party, Hanwha Vision clarifies work responsibilities (Prohibition of Personal Information processing other than the purpose of performing outsourced work, technical and administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-outsourcing, management and supervision of the outsourcee, compensation for damages, etc.) and supervises whether the outsourcee processes Personal Information safely.
If the outsourced work or the outsourcee is changed, it will be disclosed through this Privacy Policy.
Article 6: The Period for Retaining & Using and Destruction of Personal Information

When the purpose of collecting Personal Information has been achieved or there is a request for destruction by the customers, Hanwha Vision will destroy the customers' Personal Information without delay.
If it is necessary to retain Personal Information as follows according to the relevant laws & regulations and internal policies, it will be retained for a certain period of time.
The relevant laws and regulations include Commercial Act, Framework Act on National Taxes, Consumer Protection Act in E-Commerce, etc., Communication Secret Protection Act, etc.
1. In case Personal Information is necessary to be retained because of website membership registration and management, it will be retained until the member leaves the website. In the following cases, however, the retention period will be varied as follows:A. In case of an investigation in progress due to a violation of the relevant laws and regulations, the retention period will be until such investigation is completedB. In case of debt to be settled remaining in connection with the use of website, the retention period will be until the debt is settled
2. In case of provision of goods or services, the retention period will be until the completion of the supply of goods or services and the fees are to be settled. However, in following cases, the retention period will be varied for as follows:A. Records on marks, advertisements, contents of contracts and execution thereof in electronic commerce transactions in accordance with the 「Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.」1)Records related to marks and advertisement are to be retained for 6 months2)Records related to cancellation of contracts or orders, payments, supply of goods, etc are to be retained for 5 years3)Records related to resolution of consumer complaints or disputes are to be retained for 3 years4)Records related to Personal Information collected for the purpose of consulting or after-sales service at Hanwha Vision’s call center, website, or designated service center are to be retained for 5 years5)Records related to Personal Information collected through customer survey or feedback are to be retained for 3 yearsB. Retaining of communication data in accordance with Article 41 of the Enforcement Decree of the「Communication Secret Protection Act」1)Records related to computer communication, Internet log records, the data on tracking a access location are to be retained for 3 months
Destruction of Personal Information
1. Hanwha Vision will destroy Personal Information without delay when it becomes unnecessary at the expiry of the retention period, attainment of the purpose of processing the personal information, etc.2. If Personal Information shall be kept pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations in spite of the lapsing of retention period of Personal Information or attainment of information processing purpose, Hanwha Vision will move Personal Information to a separate database (DB) or store it in a different storage location.3. Hanwha Vision will destroy Personal Information recorded & stored in electronic file in a manner in which restoration is impossible and it will shred Personal Information recorded and stored on paper.
Article 7: The Rights and Obligations of Users and Legal Representatives, and How to Exercise such Rights

The customers may at any time request to have an access, to correct, to delete, to suspend processing or to withdraw consent for the registered Personal Information. If, for the above requests, you contact the department in charge below in writing, by phone or via e-mail, we will take action without delay after confirmation.
▶ Department for Access Request to Personal Information

Department for Access Request to Personal Information
Person in Charge & Contact
Department Management Support Division
Person in Charge Dongmin Lee (Manager)
Contact 070-7147-7163, privacy.htw@hanwha.com

If the customer requests correction of errors in Personal Information, we will not use or provide such Personal Information until we complete the correction. Furthermore, if incorrect Personal Information has already been provided to a third party, the result of the correction will be immediately notified to the third party to ensure that corrective measures are implemented.
Hanwha Vision processes Personal Information requested by the customers to be deleted within the period for retaining and using as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations and takes proper actions for Personal Information not to be accessed to or used for any other purpose.
The customers are requested to prevent unexpected accidents by entering their Personal Information accurately and up-to-date. The customers shall be responsible for any accidents that occur due to inaccurate information entered by them. If the customers enter false information through stealing other people's information, etc., they may lose their membership or be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations.
With the right to receive protection of personal information, customers have an obligation to protect themselves and not infringe on the information of other people. Be careful not to leak your own personal information or damage the information of others. Failure to fulfill such responsibilities and undermining of the privacy and dignity of others may be punishable according to relevant laws and regulations.
Protection of Personal Information of Minors 1. Hanwha Vision does not, in principle, collect Personal Information from minors. 2. In case of collecting the minors' Personal Information inevitably for product-related business, etc., we will obtain the consent of the minor's legal representatives in advance, destroy the information without delay as soon as the related work is completed, and thoroughly manage the minors' Personal Information during services.
Article 8: Privacy Officers

In order to protect the customers' Personal Information and to handle complaints and inquiries related to Personal Information, Hanwha Vision has designated Privacy Officers as follows.
Privacy Officers
Chief Privacy Officer Privacy Officer
Department Management Support Division Management Support Division
Position Director Manager
Name James (Soon Jae) Hong (CPO/CISO) Dongmin Lee
Contact 070-7147-8500 070-7147-7163
Email privacy.htw@hanwha.com privacy.htw@hanwha.com

If you need a report or consultation about infringement on Personal Information, please contact the following organizations.
1. Personal Information Infringement Report Center (privacy.kisa.or.kr)2. Cyber Investigation Division, Supreme Prosecutors' Office (www.spo.go.kr)3. Cyber Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency (cyberbureau.police.go.kr)
Article 9: Measures necessary to Ensure Safety for Personal Information Protection

Hanwha Vision is taking the following technical, administrative and physical measures to ensure safety in handling the customers' Personal Information so that it is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.

The customers’ important Personal Information is encrypted for storing and managing them by Hanwha Vision
Countermeasures against hacking, etc.
1. Hanwha Vision is doing its best to prevent the customers' Personal Information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses.2. We back up data from time to time in preparation for damage to Personal Information, and use the latest vaccine program to prevent leakage or damage to customers' Personal Information or data. In addition, we make sure that Personal Information can be safely transmitted over the network through encrypted communication.3. We use an intrusion prevention system, control unauthorized access from outside, and we are committed to utilizing all available technical resources systemically to ensure information security.
Minimization and Training of Personal Information Handlers
1. Hanwha Vision limits the handling of Personal Information to Personal Information Handlers who are directly responsible, for which we give Personal Information Handlers separate passwords and then renew them regularly. In addition, we manage Personal Information safely by frequently training Personal Information Handlers. 2. Personal Information Handlers' duties takeover is safely and carefully carried out under strict security, and we are clarifying the responsibility of Personal Information Handlers for Personal Information accidents. 3. The computer room and data storage room are set as special protected areas to strictly control access.
Dedicated Organization with Personal Information Protection
1. The Dedicated Organization with Personal Information Protection has been checking the implementation of Personal Information protection measures and compliance of the relevant regulations for the person in charge. We also take corrective and necessary actions as soon as a related problem is detected. However, Hanwha Vision does not take any responsibility for problems caused by Personal Information leakage due to customer negligence or Force Majeure.
Article 10: Personal Information Transferred Overseas

Hanwha Vision transfers the collected Personal Information to overseas companies for the use and provision of services.
Personal information to be transferred will not be used or provided for any purpose other than the purpose of collection and use of Personal Information.

Department for Access Request to Personal Information
Service name Transferred Country Personal Information Recipient & Contact Purpose of Use Transfer Date and Method Particulars of Personal Information Period for Retaining & Using
CRM Japan Salesforce
Answering inquiry and answer information Transfer at the time of using services/ through the network ID, name, phone number, email, partner type, access IP information 5 years
SmartCam Web viewer U.S.A. AWS
Service provision, answering inquiry, Notification Name, ID, password, email 3 years
Sales Team/Mopl Inquiry Japan Zendesk
Answering inquiry and answer information Name, phone number, email, inquiry details, password, partner type, region, solution of interest 1 year
Mopl U.S.A Amplitude
Product improvement by User Data analysis Encrypted membership numbers, Device Information, Log information - Service
(page, time, click event)
Until Service Contract Termination Date

Article 11: Installation and Operation of an Automatic Collection Tool for Personal Information

Hanwha Vision operates 'cookies' that frequently store and find customer information. A cookie is a small piece of text file usually set by the web server, sent from a website and stored in a customer's computer hard disk while the customers are browsing Hanwha Vision's website. Hanwha Vision uses cookies for the following purposes:
1. Purpose of Use
Cookies are used to track, analyze and customer' visit information and histories, and can also be used to improve the structure and content of the website. Cookies utilize anonymous information, and Hanwha Vision cannot personally identify you from the cookie information.

The customers may allow all cookies by setting the option on the web browser or, otherwise, the customers may reject the storage of all cookies. However, customers may have some difficulties in using a service if cookies are rejected. So to speak, most websites that require a login may not work.

How to reject cookie settings

1) Microsoft Edge- Select ‘∙∙∙’ in the upper right corner of the web browser (Settings and Others) > ‘Settings’ > ‘Personal Information, Search and Services’ > In the 「Anti-Tracking」 section, select ‘Do Not Track’ and its level- Select whether to ‘always use “strict” Anti-Tracking when browsing InPriate' - In the 「Personal Information」 section, select whether to ‘Send Do Not Track Request’2) Chrome- Select ‘∙∙∙’ in the upper right corner of the web browser (Chrome Customize and Control) > 'Settings' > 'Personal Information & Security' > 'Cookies and other site data' > Select an option
Article 12: Notification of Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy shall be effective as of April 1, 2024.